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Photography is an inwards and outwards journey of discovery. The problem solving nature of photography takes the evolving photographer on an inward journey to explore the senses and aesthetic beauty appreciation. The travels with your camera to beautiful locations is a rich and rewarding outward exploration. The combination of these leads to a richer appreciation of life. Much like a meditation.


Iceland is a photographer’s paradise. A huge variety of landscapes and worthy photo subjects await the traveler. The nature is inspiring. The landscapes are raw, intimidating and rewarding. The rewards come more frequently with a good guide.

This is a real invitation to travel with me on my photographic voyage. Explore techniques for taking images. Processing tips and guidance. Iceland photography information and services.

Photography is a little bit more than a passion of mine. I have been taking photos in Iceland for several years and I am in my sixth year of running Iceland Photography Tours.

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Tony Prower

If brevity is the soul of fire, then longevity is the soul of clouds.
Auroras @ Jökulsarlon near Höfn, South East Iceland. Taken with the Magic Cloth Technique.
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Master Photoshop by Mastering 3 basic skills.

North Iceland photo tour
I use a very simple photoshop technique which can be applied to a lot of Landscape images as it enhances colours and contrast and gives you total control. It is a procedure worth learning and with practice you will be doing quality processing at an effective speed.  The result will be a powerful, but natural Landscape image.

Ice beach method

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